Desert x Lacoste

Fiona and I went to Palm Springs last month, here's photos to prove it!

No, we did not get photos of Kendall Jenner sitting poolside taking selfies of her obnoxious nose ring, Anna Wintour's signature bob perched in a cabana or Katy Perry while we shook hands, told us that we impressed her and that "bravery equals success" ..obvious inspiration for a new top 40 hit....

What we did do was have fun in real life!  Rather than through a lens (most of the time) 

I brought my film camera and some disposables. We (kind of) stalked Manrepeller because she is so darn CUTE AND FUNNY, danced around with patron popsicles while Elijah Wood and Zoe Kravitz DJ'd, decorated and took home some cute lil white platform Lacoste sneakers with dinosaurs and pineapples charming the laces, handed out a hefty amount of Wolf Circus/Creatures of Desire jewels to our favourite bloggers n stuff, drank water from coconuts while catching up with our dear friend Grady Mitchell -while scouring for cute boys with fancy style so he could shoot them for Sharp Magazine. 

ANYWAY, you get the idea.. here's a collection of images, your daily dose of visual vitamin d, palm trees and wonderful people wearing wonderful jewelry.

*cute blonde girl in overalls 
*sunglasses on and off with 
*girl power tri (left to right)
*pink and green with