Help me, help the Brice family

Dear World,

This is excruciatingly difficult for me to write. This girl has been my rock more times than I can count. I have exponential love and respect for her in my heart and so do the many people that she has touched in her short 23 years of life. I can honestly say that Rachael Brice is the most kind hearted, selfless, generous, strong, positive and stunning human I’ve met. I have this mental saying that runs through my head on a daily basis; “what would Rachael do?” 

She’s the girl that had her priorities set. Organized, worked her ass off to get good grades, school captain, made an effort to actually get to know people, she put other people ahead of her, not to mention an extremely talented artist.. everything she had (which seemed to be everything) she EARNED. 

The Brice family were the first people my family and I met in Australia in December 2007, and I’ll never forget them. Ever since that day, Rachael and I did everything together. We were those corny girls that were BFF since day 1, going on family trips together, planning birthdays, going on adventures.. She helped me when I was homesick or had boy problems.. By the end of my one year stay in Australia we sneaked off to Bryon for a weekend to get into trouble.. including hilarious matching tattoos that my parents nearly killed me for. 

I went back to Australia after my second spinal fusion in 2010 to recover in the sun for 3 months and be with the amazing people I had met and graduated with back in ’08. Nothing had changed between Rache and I. Her and her family have always been there for me. 

January 2013, Rachael surprised me at the airport in Victoria (thanks to Erin!) I was so happy I could have died. We had Skyped once or twice before this visit and she filled me in on what had been going on but ultimately we had lost touch since 2010, as Rache really wasn’t into any platform of social media and her hectic life schedule took over. I was so happy to show her and Erin Vancouver Island. The places and people I had been telling them about for years now. Rachael and I had a lot of catching up to do. It saddened me beyond words to hear about her medical struggles that she and her family had been dealing with. Back then, the doctors were misdiagnosing her with the symptoms of her current illnesses.. Now, there is an answer.

I’ll admit that in the past 20 months.. not hearing from her much has made me frustrated and from time to time I’d worry that something was wrong. I woke up this morning and of course checked Facebook, her brother Dan had posted something with a gofundme link and Rachael’s name. My heart stopped while reading about Rachael’s current status. My brain instantly rushing for things that I can do to help them. I know that Rache would never want such attention on her, but she’s helped so many in need.. NOW is the time to help her when she needs it most. 

Take a minute to read her story, and thank-you for taking the time to read mine.

Love you Rachie, xo


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Earnings from every shoot I book will be going straight to the Brice family to get them to Germany so Rachael can receive the treatment she needs.